What I do currently

I am a lover of trying new things and prefer to work with many mediums but my current focus is on painting.

What I paint are feelings, they are emotions, passages through your eyes from one reality to the next. These paintings are my reality and through these paintings my hope is to open your eyes to what has always been in front of you and will continue to stay for longer than we are here. That thing is the sky.

The sky holds everything for us as strange as that may be. It holds our feelings, our thoughts, our fears and so much more. If you pray you pray up, to your God whoever that may be, to the sky.

I do not paint stories, I paint a space. A space that you, whoever that may be, could get attached to. A place to almost force you to come up with your own meanings behind these spaces, take you back to your own memories. I do not necessarily tell new stories, I simply give your mind the push it needs to re-tell itself the stories you have already lived but through the eyes of the reality I am living in, through my paint, my canvas, and my view of the sky. These paintings are a passageway for you to step into your past and revisit what your mind has come to believe are minor things, most likely things we take for granted, and notice that these things are all held in one place, The Sky.

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